If your event has a specific theme, chances are we can provide you with entertainment that will enhance your theme or special occasion.  Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?  We have pirates.  St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without a leprechaun.  And don't forget those Yee Haw Western themes where a Cowgirl would fit right in.

For more family entertainment, we also have music, rhythmology, favorite rhyming stories and customized craft programs.  If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know.  Chances are we have what your event calls for.



"Pepper the Pirate" or "Ar-r-r the Pirate" perform a Landlubber Pirate Show and fun strolling interaction to entertain those little pirates in your life. 


"Miss Peppermint" is a great act for western themes, strolling, meet & greet, conventions, trade shows, etc.



"O'Peppermint" and "Al the Leprechaun" are perfect for St. Patrick's Day celebrations or anytime you want the Luck o' the Irish.  Comedy magic, balloons and face painting.



Cinda offers a variety of styles of family entertainment.  Her folksong character captures all ages at coffeehouse concerts.  

Rhythmology is interactive music and rhythm instruments which includes drum circles for older children.

NanaBanana is a favorite children's entertainer.  Her show includes music and singing with group participation as well as comedy magic and even face painting.


Mother Seuss is Dr. Seuss' mother.  She taught him all about writing stories and rhyming.  Sit back and get caught up in the world of Dr. Seuss as told by his Mom.


Granny Grins she is the silliest Grandma you have ever met. She is fun loving and wise, but a little forgetful.   She loves to tell stories and do crafts. She encourages kids to be creative and reminds them to make safe choices.



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