There are different classifications of face painting.  One is the traditional hand and cheek art and the other is more advanced face and body art.  Let's look first at regular face painting.  This is the more common cheek and hand art that ha traditionally been popular at any event.  Our face painters are skilled artistically and know how to deal with long lines of people, how to work with young children and how to treat each child (young and old alike) to the best face painting around!  We use only the best in face paint products:  Kryolan, Paradise and Wolfe Bros.  These paint makeups are made for painting on skin.  We never use acrylic paint (which is for ceramic, glass and wood).  We also use face glitter, never craft glitter.  Our face painters show up wearing a red polo shirt with our logo on the pocket.  That's your guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

Now let's look at Face and Body Art which takes face painting to another level.  This is creating art on the face and can also incorporate the body (usually arms and upper torso) as well as pregnant bellies.  Face Art is one of the most popular types of face painting now and is in high demand.  There are only a few skilled face artists in our area, so booking early is the way to guarantee this creative art form at your next event.










Here are some examples of Body Art.  This is great for professional models for their portfolios.  Its perfect for costume parties and Mardi Gras.  On a corporate level, this is the hottest in new entertainment.  As the artist is painting a professional model, your participants and guests will enjoy watching as the masterpiece comes to life.  Body Art is by Karen Reinholt and Naomi Smith.  Models are Marie, Yulia, Ingris, Michelle and Chrissy.  Photos by Marion Cain Photography and NW Pro Photo.





Below are pictures of cheek art face painting at various events.




Here's some of our face painters at the Fred Meyer Kidsfair:



Nike had our face painters at the World Cup Soccer qualifying match between USA and Costa Rica.  As you can see, face painting isn't just for kids: 



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