Balloon twisting is very popular with young and old alike.  Some balloons are simple and quick to make, while other balloons require more time.  We figure 1 to 1-1/2 min. per balloon on the average, or about 40 balloons per hour.  If balloon hats and multiple balloon creations are being offered, the time increases to 2 to 3 min. per person.  If your event is outside, then we need to allow time to make a few replacements for the ones that get popped.  Some of our balloon artists are also face painters, so we can add a variety of entertainment at your next event.  Each artist wears a red polo shirt with Karen Reinholt Presents on the pocket, which is your guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

Balloon Art is more than balloon twisting.  The creations are unlimited and much more complex than the basic balloon animals and hats.  It is difficult to figure how many balloons can be done per hour because each one is different, unique and the time involved can vary tremendously.  But rest assured that it's a huge hit at any event.

Here are some examples of fun balloon twisting at events:




Here are some examples of Balloon Art



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